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He retired to Real Madrid again

Le 8 November 2017, 09:11 dans Humeurs 0

He retired to Real Madrid again, but this time as a coaching staff. Initially, he was responsible for raising young people in Erasmus in Castile Brian Dumoulin Jersey, and led the Real Madrid team to take advantage of the U19's coaching position after having led all ranks to good results. In 1993, seven years later, he finally ushered in his first professional league tournament coaching career director. Conti waved his arms wildly when Bakiyot missed an ordinary chance, roaring wildly; Conti shouted angrily again when Valencia used tactical fouls to stop Azar's journey. When the game ended, he quickly rushed into the arena and players to celebrate, did not take into account the sidelines waiting for the handshake greeting Mourinho. He shook hands with all the referees and staff members courteously, greeted the players, and punched his chest a few times with his fist, and then disappeared into people's eyes. It is clear from these few details that Conti's psychological defense is very fragile Scott Wilson Jersey. He urgently needs to vent his gloom and anxiety. He needs victory after victory. And this is enough to prove Conti's deepest restlessness Jake Guentzel Jersey. He is afraid Failure, the desire for victory near the madness Pittsburgh Penguins Jerseys, can not stand even a little stimulus.

Although he's been standing in the midst

Le 8 November 2017, 09:11 dans Humeurs 0

Although he's been standing in the midst of so many young people's dreams, he realizes that if he wants to go one step further and put his name on the top spot in the world, he needs to accumulate experience in other clubs to find a breakthrough , And should not be content with being an assistant. Not without exception, Conti is only a step away from "Chelsea's most stupid deal," Conti allowed Matic to leave and relegate it to United and Mister Giorgio Mourinho Conor Sheary Jersey, apparently tossed off Sam Miletic Jersey. Arm, abundance rival wings. Fortunately, back in time, Kanter, he became the most prominent midfielder of the Reds and Blue Ridge, some time Chelsea record ups and downs, but also with the absence of Kanter. However, Conti is in other ways suspected of being cocooned, such as his outdated show of ruthless. At the end of last season, when the team signed Moratta, Diego scored 20 goals for the team in a single season - Costa was banished and when Conti felt a player could not 100% use it for himself, he would Do not hesitate to put it into limbo. During the Red-and-Blue World War, David Lewis Lukas Bengtsson Jersey, a former Roman amateur Thomas Di Pauli Jersey, was beaten and replaced by 21-year-old Christensen, with Rudiger on the bench and a 17-year-old reserve defender Louis dressed in casual stands in the stands (did not enter the competition list).

This summer

Le 8 November 2017, 09:11 dans Humeurs 0

This summer, Pepe and Real Madrid contract expires, before the Galacticos only willing to give him a one-year new contract, the Portuguese veteran is hoping to renew for at least two years. It is precisely for this reason that the two sides completely talked of collapse and parted ways Patric Hornqvist Jersey. After joining Besiktas, Pepe, now 34, took part in 10 of the first 11 soil tournaments in addition to playing in the group's first four Champions League matches. At present, Besiktas topped the Group G in the Champions League group, which firmly suppressed Oporto, Leipzig Red Bull and Monaco Bryan Rust Jersey. Besiktas general manager Ahmet-Ermez Gil said: "We must thank Pepe, because he let Besiktas organize more orderly, the whole team regarded him as a savior Sidney Crosby Jersey, he Bring confidence to everyone. La Liga a focus of war broke out. Real Madrid recently lost two consecutive home games against Las Palmas Kevin Czuczman Jersey. With Casamirluo's header, Arsenio's shaky world wave and Iskar goal, Real Madrid finally reap a victory. And Real Madrid is more exciting, is that they find the strongest weapon header, breaking header shortage. And this weapon is the strongest weapon they dominated Europe last season.

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